Camp Cedarbrook

Camp Cedarbrook
6865 Corydon Ridge Rd NE
Lanesville, IN 47136


The leadership of Lakeview Ministries is very excited to announce that the organization has closed on a new property that will expand the ministry opportunities currently offered! This news might come as quite a surprise to many of Lakeview’s supporters. This is not something that the leadership had been seeking out, but God often puts ministry opportunities in front of His believers that cannot be ignored. This is the situation that has arisen over the course of the last year for Lakeview Ministries. A fellow, Lutheran owned, facility was at risk of being lost. After many prayers, discussions, more prayers, planning meetings, and even more prayers it became evident that God was calling Lakeview to step up and provide a future for this beautiful piece of property.

At the current time, the details of the future for Camp Cedarbrook are still being determined, but one thing is known; it will not serve as another summer camp facility. Camp Lakeview and Lakeview Villages serve this aspect of Lakeview Ministries and will continue to provide a top notch summer camp program along with high quality retreat facilities that have come to be loved by many. The Cedarbrook property will likely focus on family camping and adult retreat opportunities.

Camp Cedarbrook is located in Lanesville, Indiana which is just a few miles across the state line from Louisville, Kentucky. The property has been owned and operated since 1955 by the Kentuckiana Zone of the Lutheran Layman’s League. Many people from multiple congregations have had a hand in maintaining and supporting the camp since its inception. In recent years the property was owned by Lutheran Hour Ministries. This organization was no longer interested in operating the facility, as it was outside of their overall mission plan. They considered selling it on the public market, but preferred to see it delivered into the hands of another Lutheran organization. This would allow the facility to continue to serve the local congregations as it has done for the past 60 years. Lutheran Hour Ministries was very gracious to work out a deal with us that would not financially hinder Lakeview Ministries.

This is a huge endeavor and we will need your help along the way. As a strategic plan is finalized for the Camp Cedarbrook property, a call to action will be delivered. This call to action will include the need for people to give of their time, talents, and financial blessings in order to follow the path that God has laid in front of Lakeview Ministries. Please keep Lakeview’s leadership in your prayers as the details of this path are revealed and Camp Cedarbrook finds its new home with the Lakeview Ministries organization.