Let the Children Come

The Need

Camp Lakeview’s updated facilities and excellent youth camp programs have created an overwhelming demand. Most weeks of summer camp fill on the first day of registration, and hundreds of children are on waiting lists. And the waiting lists are only the “tip of the iceberg.” We know from experience that there are many more children who don’t even bother to call because they know the waiting lists are long or because their friends have already been turned away. Camp Lakeview is a ministry. Ministries aren’t supposed to turn people away.

As the Board considered solutions to this problem, the first thought was to just add more cabins on the existing site. We soon realized that would necessitate an expansion of the septic system, adding on to the dining hall, a larger athletic field, and changes to our current program. Not only would this be expensive, but the crowding would lower the high level of quality the Lakeview campers have come to expect.

With the problems associated with an expansion on the current site, the Board asked the question, “Why not develop a whole new site?” A new site would give us continued opportunities for growth, provide lots of flexibility for our summer program (and for retreat groups), and prevent overcrowding on the main camp. We already owned 30 acres on the other side of Lake Road, and when we were able to acquire another adjacent 40-acre tract, it seemed that the Lord was pointing the way in the direction of our future.

The Solution

The solution to the need is to develop a new 71-acre camp site. Although the new site, called Lakeview Villages, will be on adjacent property, it will be completely “independent”. Under normal circumstances, campers staying at Lakeview Villages would not need to venture back to main camp during their stay, and vice versa.

The objectives of Lakeview Villages are:

To create an outdoor recreation program targeted primarily towards Jr. and Sr. High youth, focusing on an adventurous experience and village living, teaching skills in camping, cooking, biking, canoeing/kayaking, climbing, and more.

To use Lakeview Villages in a way that is consistent with Lakeview’s Ministry and Mission statement, taking full advantage of faith-growth opportunities including small and large group Bible Studies, devotions, and experiential learning moments.

The Lakeview Villages will include the following physical components:

Wehmeier Lake A 10-acre lake which will become the visual centerpiece of the camp and allow for swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and other recreational activities.

Villages Campers will reside in one of six “villages” throughout the site. Each village would house a maximum of 20 campers, two Counselors, and two Junior Counselors, and would be equipped with its own bathhouse, shelter area, fire-pit, and outdoor cooking facilities. Campers would prepare at least one meal per day at their village, usually over an open fire. In addition to summer camp use, the villages could be used by retreat groups in the fall and spring, but would close for the winter.

Main Lodge The Main Lodge will be the center of activity for Lakeview Villages, containing dining space for 180, a kitchen, a large multi-purpose room, sleeping rooms for summer staff or retreat participants, restrooms and showers. This is the only completely winterized building at the Lakeview Villages site, and will have 40 beds available for year-round use.

Activity Areas In addition to the activities available on the waterfront, Lakeview Villages will have an athletic field, archery area, trail bikes, and a “High-Ropes” challenge course with such popular items as a climbing wall, zip line, Pamper Pole, Jacob’s Ladder, and Flee-Hop.

The Cost

Completed (actual cost listed)

. . . . . Lake Construction (2008). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $245,000*

. . . . . Prototype Village Construction (2008). . . . . . . . . . . . . 122,000*

. . . . . Site Work (2009) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 255,000
. . . . . . . . (tree clearing, roadways, utilities, athletic field)

. . . . . 12 Newly-Constructed Village Cabins (2010) . . . . . . . . 135,000

. . . . . 3 Village Bathhouse/Shelter Buildings (2010). . . . . . . . 261,000

. . . . . Move 2008 Village Cabins to New Site (2011) . . . . . . . . 31,000

. . . . . Sports Shed, Waterfront Shed, Archery Shed (2011) . . . 31,000

. . . . . Village Furnishings (2011). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42,000
. . . . . . . . (beds, dressers, appliances, air-conditioners)

. . . . . High-Ropes Challenge Course (2011) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25,000

. . . . . Main Lodge (2012). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,360,000

. . . . . Village #4 Bathhouse/Shelter Building (2012). . . . . . . . 87,000

. . . . . Wastewater Treatment Plant (2012) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70,000

. . . . . Development and Campaign Costs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100,000

. . . . . Achitectural Fees and Other Professional Fees. . . . . . . 103,000

Lakeview Villages Total Cost. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,867,000

*Less Amount Paid by Operating Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ($367,000)

Total Amount Needed to Raise Through Campaign. . . . . . $2,500,000

Total Gifts and Pledges as of July 31, 2012. . . . . . . . . . . .2,528,486

The Calendar

May, 2008 — Prototype village was constructed on main camp. New village enables 200 more campers each summer to attend. Eventually, these cabins will be moved to the new site.

Aug-Nov, 2008 — Ten-acre lake was constructed at new site. 2009 campers began to use the lake for canoeing and kayaking. Because of excessive rainfall in 2009, the lake filled during the fall.

July, 2009 — “Let the Children Come” Capital Campaign is launched, seeking commitments from Board members first, then continuing with leadership gifts.

July-Dec, 2009 — “Site work” is completed, which includes clearing portions of the land, leveling the athletic field, constructing roadways, forming parking areas, and laying utility lines.

Jan, 2010-March, 2011 — “Let the Children Come” Capital Campaign continues to seek leadership and major gift pledges ($3,000+) from individuals and congregations.

Mar-Aug, 2010 — Construction of village cabins and shelters

Nov, 2010-Feb, 2012 — Construction of the Main Lodge

Mar-Aug, 2011 — “Let the Children Come” Capital Campaign goes public, seeking gifts from large numbers of people through phonathons, mailings, and congregational visits.

June, 2011 — Lakeview Villages opens three villages for summer camp programs.

June, 2012 — Lakeview Villages opens fourth village and Main Lodge for summer use.

Naming Opportunities

Many of the buildings and areas of Lakeview Villages may be named for an individual family, church, or organization as a result of a major gift. All campaign gifts are unrestricted and the amount to name a certain part of Lakeview Villages does not directly correlate with the cost to build it or the order of completion.

Recognition of your gifts at any of the following levels will appear associated with the building or area.

Lodge Dining Room $250,000

Craft Room/Meeting Room $100,000

Lodge Front Entryway $75,000

Lodge Game Room $50,000

Lodge Staff Lounge $50,000

Lodge Wooden Rear Deck $40,000

Lodge First-Aid Station $25,000

Lodge Sleeping Rooms $10,000 each

Village Shelterhouses $75,000 each

Village Cabins $25,000 each

What Can I Do?

God’s future for Lakeview Ministries will require a sacrificial financial commitment from everyone. The amount that represents sacrifice is different for each of us, but we all have the opportunity to participate in the “obedience that comes from faith” (Romans 1:5). While considering what you will contribute to this project, please pray that God will direct you.

All individuals, including children and youth, are urged to consider making a commitment. Each faith commitment will be gratefully accepted and promptly acknowledged. Contributions may be in the form of monetary gifts, appreciated assets, or other special gifts. The confidentiality of each gift will be closely guarded.

Your faith commitment may be distributed as you wish over 36 months, potentially covering four tax years. All gifts to this campaign are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Make a gift or pledge

Campaign Questions and Answers

Q. Does Lakeview Ministries have annual financial statements available for inspection and are the camp’s financial records reviewed by an independent accountant?

A. Yes. The reviewed financial statements are available upon request in the camp office.

Q. Does Lakeview Ministries have any unpaid indebtedness?

A. No. Lakeview Ministries is debt free.

Q. Why does Lakeview Ministries feel the need to establish a new camp?

A. The development of a new camp site will meet the current demand for additional bed space and will provide room for future growth. This is not possible on the original site without lowering the quality of our existing program.

Q. How can I help with Let the Children Come Campaign?

A. Please be in prayer for the camp and its ministry during this campaign. Share your excitement for Camp Lakeview / Lake Villages with others who may want to get involved by either volunteering or joining you in making a financial commitment to the camp ministry. Lakeview Ministries has a myriad of opportunities in which you might give of your time, talents and treasure by volunteering for projects, committees, office work, kitchen work, maintenance or other roles.

Q. We annually give a donation to the camp’s operating fund. Should we now give it to the capital campaign instead?

A. No. Lakeview Ministries still needs contributions to maintain its day-to-day operations. Please consider your campaign commitment as something “above and beyond” your normal giving.

Q. Why did Lakeview Ministries hire an outside ministry partner to manage the campaign?

A. Lakeview Ministries does not have the staff or time needed to carry out a program of this magnitude for the period envisioned. Dickerson & Associates brings experienced people to Christian fund-raising. They utilize time-tested programs and procedures as well as the latest techniques and training to ensure success. Using a ministry partner enhances our potential success. They have led campaigns for a number of other Christian camps in recent years

Q. What happens if the goals for the Campaign are not met?

A. The projects designated for this campaign will be done in priority order as funds are available. If the goal is not met then some of the lower priority items may have to wait for a future campaign. Some projects may be completed before all the committed funds come in. This may require Lakeview Ministries to incur short-term indebtedness. However, the debt entered into will be covered by commitments made during the campaign.

Q. What are the ways in which I can give to this campaign?

A. You can give financial gifts through cash, checks, credit/debit cards, direct deposit, or stock. Gifts-in-kind can also be given in support of the development of facilities and supporting infrastructure.

Q. I’d like to make a substantial gift, but I can’t afford to lose the income that my assets generate. Are there other ways that I can give to this campaign?

A. For the campaign, we are looking for commitments that could be paid within the next three years. However, camp will need help beyond the campaign. Consider including the camp in your will. Another possibility is a Charitable Remainder Trust where you give a gift now, take advantage of the tax break, yet still receive the income from the money for the rest of your life. The Camp Lakeview Foundation specializes in planned giving and would be happy to speak with you.